Blood Pressure Checks




Following numerous enquiries about the way we currently book patients’ blood pressure appointments; we have taken this into consideration and have decided to offer the appointments in the following way. 

If you are required to have a blood pressure reading conducted and you are not required to attend the surgery for any other appointment or procedure you will be asked to take the reading at home. We will then ask you to contact the surgery with your readings. 

If you do not have a blood pressure machine at home, you have three options  

  1. You can book a BP check at the surgery with our Health Care Assistant
  2. If checking your blood pressure is something that is regularly required, we would recommend you purchase a blood pressure machine from a local pharmacy or from wherever you can obtain one. Overall, this will save you continuous trips to the surgery. These range from about £15 – £25.
  3. If you are not financially able to purchase your own machine, we can lend out a BP machine to you, however we have a limited supply, and you will be required to sign a contract of use and must be returned to the surgery within a specified time frame, and in full working order.

It is not recommended that you have your blood pressure taken at the same time as another procedure such as a blood test, injection or smear as this can sometimes cause your reading to be higher than normal. However, we have made the decision for convenience to allow you to book a BP check at the same time as another test or procedure, unless you are known to have white coat syndrome. Please be advised that if the reading is higher than normal you may be expected to return for a check or complete a blood pressure diary at home to then send into the surgery. 

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