PPG Minutes: 6th July 2023



  • The Practice: DMC Chadwick Road Dulwich Medical Centre & DMC Crystal Palace Road Medical Centre
  • Date: 6th July 2023
  • Time: 17:30 – 18:30
  • Location: DMC Chadwick Road
  • Attendees: Practice Manager, Operational Manager, Business Support Assistant
  • Apologies: Patients 5, SM

Agenda and Meeting Notes  

17:30 Welcome


17:35 Review Previous Minutes 

No discussion or action to follow up on. 

17:40 Patient Survey (produced in-house at DMC) 

Data and feedback were shared during the meeting, with over 51% of patients rating DMC primary care as excellent. Staff have been trained at ICB training sessions which is shown in the feedback

17:50 Patient ‘Go Digital’ Project 

DMC movements of the ‘Go Digital’ Project is moving to have medical certificated, GP registration process online this includes appointment and booking, providing patient information about their medication and medical certificates.  Questionnaires regarding their health including asthma are being sent over text. Acrux is being used to support patients with Chronic LTC managements and providing child Immunisation notices. As well as for patient recall and monitoring. 

DMC is taking to account of health inequalities and patients who are unable to transfer on to the digital mediums, F2F will be able for services including paper leaflets and GP Registration etc. However DMC healthcare are encouraging the use of digital mediums and the NHS app

18:00 EPCS (Extended Primary Care Service)

Tessa Jowell is unable to take nurse and GP self-referrals. However, does take on screening self referrals. 

18:05 Local Services onsite at DMC 

  • Physio 
  • Audiology 
  • Mental Health 
  • Health and wellbeing Coaching 
  • Social Prescriber

18:10 Patient Free talk

Repeat prescriptions – is a complex arena that we are attempting to improve to streamline the process and inform the patients when there are stock issues or they have be sent to the pharmacists. One way that we are working to improve this issue is by providing barcodes to follow up with pharmacies. This issue is reoccurring and is being discussed in the monthly PCN meetings. More clinical time has been allocated in to reviewing prescriptions  
Admin team to action: To log Patient, prescription, Pharmacy and reason investigating why patients are having to return from rejected medications at pharmacies. 

Repeat prescription - to be advertised on the website for repeat prescription.

Patient compliance is another issue for High Risk Drugs and patients attending blood tests. PPG to support with ideas to increase attendance. Suggestion to include this on the website under Prescription and medicines and centre

18:20 Any other business

  • IT Refresh
  • You said and we did – The waiting is boring, so we have since installed TVs which play BBC news and a patient Tannoy system to call in patients 
  • More PPG members to attend the next meeting
  • Local Pharmacists to attend the next meeting
  • CQC inspection taking place at CPR on 13th July please feel free to provide feedback to the CQC, the link to the survey can be found on to the website. 

Additional Information

  • Turnover time for prescription requests.
  • More PPG members to attend
  • Discuss Pharmacy to give emergency medication supply – Pharmacist should be providing emergency supply as DMC Medical Centers does not store medication.
  • For next PPG meeting in October for local Pharmacist to attend.

Additional Notes / Actions

  • Pharmacy and Prescriptions problems 
  • Admin team to action: To log Patient, prescription, Pharmacy and reason investigating why patients are having to return from rejected medications at pharmacies. 

Date of Next Meeting  

  • Thursday 5th October 23 17:30 to 18:30