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Meeting Minutes

Date of PPG meeting was 2nd February 2022
Hosted by Timothy Pearce, Practice Manager 
6 patients in attendance 



Tim (TP), the practice manager, started with thanking all for joining the meeting. TP gave a brief introduction re the purpose of the meeting and gave a brief revision of last meeting.

PPG Meeting Minutes image

TP reviewed last meeting actions. 

  • Lack of clinicians / inconsistence clinical team reliant on locums 
  • New admin team in place – needs training
  • Poor patient service regarding booking GP appointments via telephone. Long waiting times because of high demand (pandemic-driven) plus lack of clinicians.

Objective of this meeting 

  • How to work together going forward 
  • Open discussion to hear PPG opinions
  • Highlight / discussed new service via the website
  • Patient survey results 

Last meeting was held on November 2020. Since that time there has been unprecedented change as the practice has adapted and introduced new measures as an effect of the pandemic. Plus, the challenging changes to staffing.


Patient points raised

  • Amount of appointments available with a doctor between 8am-9am
  • Online appointments for face to face instead telephone triage
  • Training of reception staff for First contact physio or future services appointments.
  • Suggestion of OT and Physio combination services. 
  • Possibility of GP appointments on Saturday morning.
  • Permanece of Psychiatric nurse 

Our responses

Since last meeting

  • Recruitment of clinical team with three GP female Drs
  • Appointment operation improved via telephone
  • Launch of the new website on March 2022
  • First Contact Physio service is now available onsite at CR
  • Trial of Saturday morning clinic between 9am-12pm for a nurse and midwife services. Other services will be considered

From new points

  • TP will look availability for appointments between 8am-9am
  • TP agreed with availability of online booking options and more face-to-face appointments
  • TP agreed that reception will be trained to identify the appropiated service for the patient.
  • TP consider GP appointments of Saturdays' mornings. At the moment are being utilised for smear test.
  • TP explained that the Psychiatric nurse will be replaced by as SJ lives in Kent. 
  • TP to introduce more services for the future to provide a better experience to the local community.

Patient surveys

Didn’t get time to discuss patient surveys. To pick up at the next meeting.


CQC update 

Not discussed and for information only - CQC inspected DMC Chadwick Road Surgery on 22nd October and although we’ve made improvements, we recognise since the last visit earlier in the year there are still areas that require improvement. 


Closing Note

Thanks for everyone’s contribution. The next meeting is booked for Wednesday 11th May at 17:30pm . PPG member can choose to attend FTF or virtually via Microsoft teams.