Self Referrals




Please see the following links for ways you can self refer to different services available without the need of seeing your GP.


Musculoskeletal self-management 

The Southwark MSK app (powered by getUBetter) is provided free of charge by Southwark CCG for patients registered at Dulwich Medical Centre - Crystal Palace Road Medical Centre. It can be accessed on a Smartphone or on the Web and guides you day-by-day through a sequence of exercises and tips to help you get better from a range of new or recurrent musculoskeletal conditions:

  • Lower back pain
  • Back and leg pain
  • Neck Pain     
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Soft Tissue Lower Limb Pain
  • Hip Pain

You will be referred to the app by one of our GPs or Physio, or you can self-register by clicking on this link or the App image.

Please use an email address that is unique to you and select the condition you need help to manage. You will then be sent an email with all the information you need to get started.

You can download the getUBetter App to your Smartphone for easiest access or use the Webapp.

If you develop another condition select your new condition from within the app and it will be added to your account.

The app will also connect you to your local; treatment, healthcare providers or support services, if needed, such as Physiotherapy.


Self Care in Southwark

Many health complaints, such as coughs and colds, will get better by themselves over time and are best treated at home, with rest. If you need advice on medicines that can help relieve symptoms, your local pharmacist can help. You can reduce the likelihood of catching a short term illness or virus through good respiratory and hand hygiene, such as using a tissue and washing hands thoroughly.


General Health


Mental Health

  • What to do in a mental health crisis? – If you are suffering from any mental health problems then you may find this link useful. Alternatively please contact the surgery and book with our CPN Kate. You can also visit Southwark Health Hub for help with managing your life with mental health by clicking here.
  • Togetherall – Togetherall is a safe online community of people who are anxious, down or not coping who support and help each other by sharing what’s troubling them, guided by trained professionals. Southwark residents going through a tough time or struggling with mental health issues can now get free online support. The service is designed to help people get support, take control and feel better. It provides 24/7 peer and professional support (with trained counsellors online at all times), plus a range of wellbeing tools to help people self-manage. Southwark residents can use Togetherall to access online guided support courses, talk to other Togetherall members, create bricks to express themselves through images and find useful articles. This service is safe and anonymous, so no one will know you have chosen to use it unless you tell them. The only information that you have to provide is your postcode.


Early Pregnancy Units

No referral needed, but GP letter would always be helpful

St Thomas Hospital. Tel: 020 7188 0864, 8th Floor North Wing

  • Walk-in service: 8.30am – 7pm Mon - Fri | 9.30am – 3.15pm Sat – Sun
  • Scan by appointment only 9am – 4pm Mon – Fri

Up to 18 weeks gestation

King College Hospital. Tel: 020 3299 3168, Golden Jubilee Wing, Third Floor, Suite 8

  • Walk-in service (including scans) 8.30am – 12pm Mon – Fri

Between 6 – 16 weeks gestation

St George’s Hospital . Tel: 020 8725 0093, Ground Floor, Lanesborough Wing

  • Walk-in service 8.30am – 11am Mon – Sat
  • Scan walk-in service 8.30 – 11am Mon – Fri

Up to 14 weeks gestation

Here are the links to self refer for antenatal pregnancy:

If you are in the first four months of your pregnancy and you are having bleeding, abdominal pain you can self-refer to the local Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU)


Self Certificate

This link explains the process of a sick certificate. If you require the continuation of a certificate, please visit AccuRx. This will be more convenient for you as it saves you a visit to the practice.


Sexual Health Services

If you would like to order an online home testing kit for all sexual transmitted infections and have no symptoms then please click here. You are also able to order online prescriptions for oral contraception using the same link.


Healthwatch Southwark – Information and signposting

Healthwatch Southwark provides an independent, confidential information and signposting service. We support people to access health and social care services and resolve difficulties. We are a small team but if we don’t know the answer, we will try to find someone who does.

We can…

  • Put you in touch with sources of information, or direct you to NHS and social care services
  • Explain how to complain about services and where to get support with this
  • Put you in touch with an advocacy service if you need it
  • Feed back themes or key issues to commissioners and those responsible, so they can make improvements

We can’t…

  • Investigate your complaint
  • Make a complaint for you
  • Take on casework to resolve issues ourselves
  • Give medical advice or advice on where to go

Click here to visit website


The Gateway Clinic for Acupuncture Services