Medical Report Request




If you would like to request a medical, please be aware that these are not usually available on the NHS. They require a special appointment with a doctor and will incur a charge. A list of charges for some of the more common medicals can be found on the Fees and Charges page.

So that your medical reports appointment runs smoothly, please take note of the following requests;

  • The payment is required at the time of booking. The time of the appointment can be re-arranged in advance but a refund will not be issued if you fail to attend.
  • Please bring your medical form with you. Only one form can be completed during this appointment.
  • Please bring some photo ID.
  • Please bring a urine specimen; pots are available from reception.
  • If you wear glasses for driving, please can you bring them with as well as your most recent prescription issued by an optician. Failure to do so may require you to attend an optician for an up-to- date assessment.
  • If you have any medical condition such as diabetes make sure you are up to date with blood test or blood pressure as well as any due check in order to complete the request on time.

PLEASE NOTE: there are 2 types of medical report, option 1 is just the form completion, option 2 needs a physical medical with form completion, both have different charges applied.

Please check the Fees and Charges for any request before applying. 

To request a medical, please use AccuRx.